About Care is part of the Arizona State Charitable Tax Credit for the Working Poor. Because the end of the year is approaching, you may want to consider making an end of the year donation which is tax deductible. About Care qualifies as an Arizona State Charitable Tax Credit Organization and is listed with the Secretary of State’s office. Individuals may deduct $400 and married couples may deduct $800 from their Arizona State Income Tax owed at the end of the year. About Care’s Tax ID is #34-2047687. End of the Year donations to education are a separate donation and you can still donate to About Care and qualify. Any and all donations are welcome and a receipt for your taxes will be mailed to you immediately. This means your dollars can benefit the many people About Care serves.

Don’t wait – donate now. If you can’t donate all of the amount, just donate a partial amount on a monthly basis! About Care is a nonprofit organization and qualifies for this tax credit donation. About Care empowers independent living and we need your help! Thank you!



There is a simple form (AZ Form 321) that you must complete and include with your state tax filing in order to receive the tax credit. This form is available from your tax preparer or the Arizona Department of Revenue website.


Fundraising via Bashas

Bashas’, Food City, and AJ’s Fine Foods Community Support Card:

This card is valued at $25 and is reloadable. Each time you add money onto the card – About Care receives 6% of that amount.  Every penny you spend is yours for shopping.


Contact the About Care office to get the card.  It is labeled Bashas’ Community Support Card, but it is accepted at all three of the stores listed above. 


With the card in hand, you can reload it at either the checkout stands or at the Customer Service counter (this is the easiest place to reload the card.)


You simply reload the card anytime you need more money on the card.


Be sure to never throw the card away.


About Care benefits each time you reload the card.  These make a wonderful gift.  Contact the office at 480.802.2331 or visit us online at should you have any questions.


The About Care team appreciates your ongoing support!

Fry’s Food: (Fry’s Food Community Rewards)

Fry’s is committed to helping our communities grow and prosper.  The program was designed to make our fundraising the easiest in town…all you have to do is shop at Fry’s and swipe your V.I.P. card.  Enroll now and remember…you must re-enroll each year to continue earning rewards for About Care.  Do you already have a Fry’s V.I.P. online account?  If not, click here to create one.  Use the code YG396 to choose About Care as your nonprofit of choice.  You can also register your V.I.P. card by calling 1.800.576.4377.  Each time you shop at Fry’s Food and Drug, About Care gets a percentage of your purchase.

Giving Assistant Website

You may also assist by using the  Giving Assistant Website which lets you save money and give back for free. For more information, please visit Giving Assist Website.



Call us at 480-802-2331



We receive donations from churches, community groups, individuals and via grants. This tax deductible funding allows us to recruit and train our volunteers, meet our administrative expenses and bring our vital services to our clients in Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek.

You can donate to our non profit organization through by clicking on the "Donate" button below:
About Care
P.O. Box 3278
Chandler, AZ 85244
Contact us to make in-kind donations. Checkout our Wish list page for a list of our current needs.
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