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Rosemary has been volunteering with About Care for six months. She filled in for the front desk receptionist before moving on to client-intake visits. Rosemary loves conducting client-intake visits because it gives her the opportunity to meet new people.

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"I am a disabled ex-police officer and USMC Vietnam veteran. I know what it means to serve, and About Care, Brenda Harvey and Fred epitomize that word: to serve...Through [About Care's] generosity and the help of computer guru, Fred Lynn, I was given a computer that gave me a new lease on life. "


-E. Burt Buxton, About Care client


"She [Helen] started off as a volunteer, and now we are friends."

Margie has been with About Care for three years. She and About Care volunteer, Helen, go grocery shopping and run errands together about once each week. The two have become friends through About Care, swapping stories about their grandchildren.

"Thanks to About Care, I connected with both of my children and my brother...I feel as though I have a support system again in this busy world. They haven't always been able to call but seem to make time for a quick email."


-Josette, an About Care client

who is able to connect with her family again

thanks to About Care's computer assistance program


Helen has been volunteering with About Care for about four years. She has five clients, who she's dubbed "her ladies," that she drives around. Helen takes each client out to lunch on their birthday. Helen's favorite part about volunteering is listening to clients' "amazing" stories.


Helen helps her clients in any way possible, driving them to the grocery store and medical appointments and even fixing light bulbs. If she takes a client to the doctor's office, Helen stays with them the whole time so they won't feel alone.


"I am greatful that the About Care organization came into being. It's wonderful. There are no questions asked. You are welcome."


-Rita, About Care client for four years


"You can pick and choose what works for you...the way [About Care] does it is amazing! I tell people about it any time they ask."

When Patsy retired seven years ago, she immediately began looking for a volunteer opportunity to occupy her time. She discovered About Care from a friend of a friend and has been volunteering with the organization ever since.


Patsy has formed a bond with two clients. She drives one to the grocery store and another to weekly hair appointments. When she is not volunteering, Patsy loves to work out and participate in Jazzercise multiple times each day.